Cloud Planning Workshop

Cloud adoption challenge

Projects on Cloud have high expectations and visibility, but too many initiatives fall short due to a lack of alignment between IT & business . Organizations that embark on cloud computing initiatives without a comprehensive plan are challenged to meet the demanding expectations and potential value that cloud computing can deliver. Cloud initiatives without a sound planning approach is not a viable business strategy

Our Experience

Cubic has integrated effective planning & best-practice approach to all cloud projects. Engagement plan developed by us identifies the right business services; controls costs by leveraging a scalable, flexible architecture. It clearly determines who, when, and how to enable and communicate to end-users. It also outlines expected service levels and defines the financial models that measure value and justify future investment.

What is a Cloud Solution Planning Workshop?

The Cloud Solution Planning Workshop helps you define and design a best-in-class cloud architecture and roadmap for your organization. Evasion consultants and architects will help you:

  • Analyze your current IT Infrastructure both physical and virtual
  • Define a clear roadmap with clear milestones
  • Perform risk, change, and organizational readiness assessments

At the end of the workshop, you will understand the exact level of effort, risk, and process change necessary to plan, deploy, and manage a cloud environment for your organization. The workshop will be tailored to address a combination of cloud planning and design; hybrid cloud delivery, cloud operations, & compliance activities. The Cloud Solution Planning Workshop will help you put your organization on the right path to a best-in-class cloud computing environment.

Who Should Attend?

The following members of your team should be involved in the planning workshop:

  • IT leaders and staff members who can provide a clear understanding of your current state with regard to physical, virtual, and cloud environments, as well as knowledge of personnel, existing tools, processes, roles, policies, and procedures in the following process areas:
  • Discovery, service assessment, service design, capacity planning and evaluation, service transition, architecture planning, service costing and pricing (Cloud Planning and Design)
  • Service provisioning, self-service portal, service catalog, and IT service management integration
  • Proactive performance management, capacity optimization,and ongoing discovery (Cloud Operations)

Cubic Deliverables

The primary deliverables provided at the end of the workshop are:

  • Detailed, cloud roadmap and document focused on addressing the specific objectives refined (or developed) in the workshop, including resource requirements, project timeline, and financial investment summary
  • Comprehensive risk, change, and organizational readiness assessment
Key Activities Key Benefits
  • Review best cloud models
  • Understand and refine your objectives
  • Detail requirements and use cases
  • Assess risk, change, and organizational readiness
  • Develop a solution adoption plan
    • Understand how cloud will address your business requirements
    • Create a cloud computing strategy
    • Reduce cloud implementation risk by leveraging
  • Cubic expertise
  • Prioritize your cloud computing process improvement initiatives
Workshop Agenda
    • Introductions
    • Review of your business goals for the cloud adoption
    • Overview of your current IT Infrastructure and cloud initiatives
    • Overview of
  • Cubic’s cloud solutions
  • Review of cloud environments and implementations with detailed steps on how to get there
  • Current state assessment
  • Creation of deliverables – Risk, change, and organizational readiness assessment
  • Formal review of deliverables with attendees and stakeholders