Rock solid power, storage and security

• Storage

The success of your business starts with three important things, you want it to be secured, rock solid and consist of the most reliable components and big storage. With IBM storage trends you can choose the suitable way of storage to your running business. weather it’s the all-flash storage, the cloudifying storage or any other method used.

• Power

IBM has the flexibility to leverage the highest density and most cost-effective process technology. In addition, IBM has focused the design of the Power architecture on overall system performance and leveraging software, such as Power AI, for improved data flows. IBM’s Power architecture not only supports more memory than other competitive. In addition to the hardware improvements, IBM also developed tools expanding the capability of open source frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe. NVIDIA GPUs in 64 IBM Power systems.

Another unique aspect of IBM is that it offers a range of platforms for on-premises data centers to the large cloud data centers, and even offers AI as a service with access to its own data center resources leveraging Power.

• Security

IBM security brings together powerful, industry-leading security software, analytic capabilities and deep expertise for hybrid deployment leveraging on-premise, cloud as a service delivery and managed services. IBM Security spans several areas:

Consulting to determine the right risk strategy and security program.

Software to protect against advanced threats security intelligence, analytics, zero-day malware protection and infrastructure security controls.

Protection of most important and sensitive data through data and application security, identity and access management solutions.

Services to help our clients deploy and run their security solutions.

Cloud and mobile security solutions to enable innovation without increasing risk.