Reduce power and space costs with the hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) And minimize the cost of running your infrastructure with a solution that consumes far less energy and gives space.

with Nutanix your work as an IT administrator will be much simpler and focused, manage the entire stack from storage and computing infrastructure to virtual machines in a single solution. Businesses benefits from more efficient IT operations and less complexity in deploying and managing infrastructure. Deliver faster with the delivery apps, by auto mating the deployment and lifecycle management of common applications and making it easy to repeat. Infrastructure teams can save the hour and days that would otherwise be spent on routine application management.

This hyperconverged system allows your integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common tool set. It is also used to simplify the deployment, management and scaling of IT resources and reap Capex and Opex advantages.

Nutanix is a good option for all organizations that have heavily invested virtualization technologies but still having difficulty with the complexity and cost of data protection and storage. Also, it is a highly attractive technology for enterprises that would prefer to focus their time, money and employee resources more on the operational aspects of their business and less on maintaining infrastructure.